Bespoke mehndi services based in London, UK
About Me

Self taught, professional mehndi artist established in July 2011. Starting at the tender age of 16, Gurps was able to combine her art skills and creativity to put designs together and kick start her amazing journey of mehndi.

Through the inspiration of many artists around the world, She was able to discover different styles of mehndi and learned what she was capable of. After lots of practise, she fell in love with detailed shapes, fine lines and intricate designs so she decided to focus on Arabic mehndi designs. Gurps is able to improvise and so always tries her very best to capture the vision of design that a client wants.

Her aim is to give clients what they want and to make sure they are happy with the end result, especially bridal clients. The goal is to deliver an enjoyable and memorable mehndi experience to look back on. Gurps challenges and prides herself on being able to work fast as an artist without compromising on design, prioritising quality above all else.

"With the support of my family, friends and clients, I am able to stand where I am today and say I have thoroughly enjoyed every moment of my journey so far. I have learnt so many valuable lessons and I look forward to what the future brings me." - Gurps